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Primary Elements...

Ecoraster© E50

E50 - Heavy Duty


 Ecoraster© S50

S50 - Super Elastic


Ecoraster© E40

E40 - Universal


Ecoraster© E30

E30 - Economical


Ecoraster© X30

X30 - Green Roofing


Important Documents 

EcoRaster® Overview

EcoRaster® Technical Guidelines

EcoRaster® Technical Specifications

EcoRaster® Agriculture Brochure

EcoRaster® for the Military

EcoRaster® for Airstrips





Ecoraster®, is a tough, durable, interlocking grid system designed to provide turf protection, ground reinforcement, and erosion control and is commonly used as an environmental alternative to paving.

Ecoraster® is the original flexible porous plastic paving and has been manufactured by Purus Plastics in Germany for over 25 years. Its low weight and high strength make it ideal for agricultural and equestrian applications, parking lots, fire lanes and access roads, pathways and driveways, golf courses, green spaces and landscapes, playgrounds and public spaces, green roofing and much more.

This unique alternative paving solution...










Is environmentally friendly

Creates a water permeable surface

Is resistant to UV radiation and does not rot, crack or splinter

Prevents soil compaction and eliminates mud buildup

Is resistant to chemicals
Is lightweight & easy to install
Is long lasting and
Is maintenance free and comes with a 20 yr warranty


Not only is Ecoraster® made from 100% recycled plastics, and it's unique patented interlocking design and additional building blocks make it quick and easy to install even on hills and curves.  It is NATO and ADA Certified and used around the world, even by the U.S. Military.  it's 20 year warranty speaks for itself...

Lentus Products LLC, is based in Kissimmee Florida and is a major supplier of Ecoraster® for Commercial, Residential and Equestrian applications to Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Missouri and for Agricultural and Military applications across the entire U.S..

Typical Applications







Make sure to check out our Product and Application pages to see how

this versatile eco-friendly Ground Reinforcement System can help you today!

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