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Technical Specification
Dimensions:  330 mm x 330 mm x 50 mm
Wall thickness:  5.0 mm
Carrying load:  Up to 350 t per sq m (unfilled)
Weight per sq m:  9.55 kg
Weight per unit:  1.06 kg
Wall height:  50 mm
Material:  100% recycled PE (polyethylene)
Pressure resistance:  Up to 20 t axle load in acc. with DIN 1072
Dimensional stability:  Temperature range -50° to +90°
Deformation:  0.5% (at normal temperatures +20 to +80 degrees)
Moisture absorption:  0.01 %
Environmental compatibility:  Environmentally neutral in acc. with DIN 38412
Solubility:  Resistant to acids, alkalis, alcohols, oil and petrol (de-icing salt, ammonia, acid rain, etc.)




Expected lifespan:  Indefinite acc. to TÜV certificate


Carrying load: Up t o 20 t axle load in acc. with DIN 1072

Environmental compatibility:  Environmentally neutral in acc. with DIN 38412

DIN 1072 Road and foot bridges DIN EN ISO 124 B125 requirements for coverings on car parking areas
DIN 38412



E50 Fact Sheet

Installation Instructions

Applicable for:

Gardening and Landscaping

Town and village squares
Footpaths and cycle lanes
Pond and riverbank reinforcement
Stabilisation of slopes and embankments
Construction site access roads
Parking areas
Emergency access routes
Escape routes
Soft shoulders
Traffic islands
Entrances and exits
Railway and tramway construction
Erosion protection
Rainwater retention
Temporary surfaces
Open-air events
Storage areas and landfills
Logistics surfaces
Loading areas
Trade fair flooring
Shooting ranges



Holding areas
Farm management and loading areas